Music Computing Design
Research Group @ CCRMA

Ge Wang (PI)
Kunwoo Kim | Doga Cavdir | Mike Mulshine | Andrew Zhu Aday
Yikai Li | Celeste Betancur | Julia Mills | Terry Feng
Marise van Zyl | Nick Shaheed | Jorge Herrera


Jieun Oh | Nick Bryan | Spencer Salazar | Jack Atherton
Rob Hamilton | Luke Dahl | Romain Michon | Trijeet Mukhopadhyay
Nick Kruge | Hongchan Choi | Charles Foster | Kathleen Yuan
Mark Sabini | Marina Cottrell | Arkira Chantaratananond

M:C:D publications (2007-present)
Ge's selected publications (organized by topic)

some recent works
Artful Design
a book on designing tools that make you feel
ChucK/miniAudicle release 1.4
research + development keeps on chuckin'
Chunity: ChucK for Unity
integrated audiovisual environment for games/VR
WebChucK: ChucK in browsers
how much ChucK could WebChucK ChucK...
...if we could all ChucK on the Web?
Auraglyph: An infinite modular music sketchpad
handwritten audiovisual programming artifact
ISSE: Interactive Source Separation
interactive machine learning/HCI for audio
Affective Analysis and Synthesis of Laughter
capturing the affect of human and machine-generate laughter
"The DIY Orchestra of the Future"
talk, May 2014

about M:C:D

The Music, Computing, and Design (MCD) research group at Stanford University's CCRMA, led by faculty member Ge Wang, aims to conduct research in computer music and design, including:

  • artful design of software systems for computer music (book: Artful Design)
  • programming languages and interactive environments (ChucK, Chunity, WebChucK)
  • virtual reality design for music (Stanford VR Design Lab @ CCRMA)
  • computer-mediated performance ensembles + paradigms (e.g., laptop orchestras: SLOrk, course)
  • audio-visual interaction design (MIDI.CITI, sndpeek, Music 256a/CS 476a)
  • humans-in-the-loop: artful design of interactive AI systems (ISSE, essay, Music 356a/CS 470)
  • social and cognitive aspects of music and computing (Jieun's thesis work | lolol, pdf)
  • mobile music / social music (e.g., Ocarina, MoPhO, MoMu; also see Smule)
  • HCI-mediated interactive machine learning for audio (ISSE)
  • philosophy of design; aesthetics & ethics of shaping technology (Artful Design)
  • education at the intersection of computer science, music, and the humanities
  • We warmly invite students, faculty, researchers, composers, and collaborators to join! Please contact Ge for more information. Thanks!

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